Products / Services

Through each project ISI has gained valuable experience and achieved numerous results. The most significant are:

  • Development of a system for the protection from physical disasters (earthquakes)
  • Development of a system for the protection from oil spills in case of ship-wrecks
  • Development of Spatial Planning Models for Sustainable Environmental Development
  • Development of a new wireless industrial communication network
  • Development of advances system for intra-enterprise and inter-enterprise integration applicable in manufacturing, tourism and the transport sector
  • A platform for Container and Load - Truck Allocation for Sustainable and Efficient Transportation
  • Integrated systems for energy management in big consumers



ISI seeks to take part in the implementation of various large-scale projects of national scope, which are related to its expertise, as well as to coordinate relevant organisations (e.g. university labs and industries) for joint undertaking of research / development projects and transfer of results to production processes.


Finally, ISI has implemented joint undertakings with leading research and manufacturing organizations in Greece and the European Union, such as University research teams, research institutes and private firms, in the context of joint participation at research programmes, and at implementation of research / development activities, seeking optimal dissemination and exploitation of acquired experiences by relevant industrial sectors.


In this context, ISI participates at regional initiatives, aiming at promotion of innovation and regional development, such as the Centre for Entrepreneurial and Technological Development of Western Greece (KETA), the Regional Innovative Actions Programme for the region of Western Greece, Interreg etc.