Goutis Konstantinos

Professor, VLSI Design Laboratoray, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Univeristy of Patras

  • 1961-66 : B.Sc. in Physics, Grade: very good (equivalent to Honours 2.1), University of Athens
  • 1970-72 : Professional Diploma in Electronic Engineering, University of Athens, part-time
  • Oct. 1973-Oct. 1974 : M.Sc. in Digital Techniques in Communications and Control, Heriot-Watt University
  • 1974-1978 : Ph.D., "Constrained optimisation algorithms for digital image reconstruction", Southampton University

Research Interests:
    Low-power VLSI design, VLSI design, system design, parallel processors, analysis and design of systems for signal and image processing.

    Prof. Goutis is working on low-power design methodologies and designs since four years ago. At the logic level, a power estimator exploiting temporal and spatial correlation which is four times faster, while keeping the accuracy, was introduced.

    Recently, his interests give emphasis to the higher level of design i.e. architectural and algorithm with emphasis to DSP and communication applications. An algorithm reducing the activity whenever data is known a priori e.g. Filter coefficient, matrices, was introduced.

    Memory management is currently his main research interest.

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