Director's message

The Industrial Systems Institute (ISI), a Research Institute of Research Center Athena (R.C. Athena), is the main Research Institute in Greece that focuses on industrial systems and, more specifically, to the Greek industry. ISI is active in several research and technological directions, such as industrial information and communication systems, enterprise systems and enterprise integration, enterprise and industrial process modelling, industrial electronics and control, embedded systems, security and safety. The activities of ISI address all directions of the Greek industry and cover the entire spectrum of its ICT needs, contributing to sustainable development and "green" technologies and products.

Our vision for ISI, consistent with its growth, is to be a leader in research and development of innovative industrial systems technologies. ISI aims to be a productive and reliable partner of Greek and European industry. Up to date, ISI has proven to be a significant technology contributor at the regional, national and European levels and has established strong relationships with industry in Greece, Europe and the USA. In addition to its technological achievements, ISI is an economically successful organization with excellent Return-on-Investment results and a significant effect as a local employer.

As ISI continues to grow, to contribute strongly and to produce innovative results applicable at regional, national and international levels, we invite you to visit often the pages of our newly developed web site in order to become familiar with our results and achievements. We are looking forward to working together with any industrial partner or academic partner interested in our results and services.

Dimitrios Serpanos