PANOPTIS: Advanced artificial intelligence algorithms and methods for the processing of multimodal data and the rendering of Explainable AI content using visuo-haptic AR technologies

The goal of PANOPTIS is the development of tools, based on artificial intelligence technologies (AI), to strengthen user's abilities (to look behind objects, develop responsible behaviour, reduce distraction) and improve situational awareness (timely notification of potential dangers, status onitoring and user information) of users who come into cooperative interaction with intelligent systems, with the aim of avoiding critical cases of situational disabilities, reduced perceptual capacity due to physical limitations of humans sensors, mental and physical fatigue, reduced experience. AI technologies will play a key role in all stages of the development of the system's individual, such as a) the low-level processing of multimodal data (from system sensors, cooperative information of other connected systems), b) high-level data processing and analysis for the development of explanatory and personalized information, and c) the presentation of the explanatory information using augmented visualtactile reality technologies. The system has the possibility of continuous learning, based on data obtained in real-time, the passive/active response of the user to the explanatory information, and from synthetic data of specially designed simulators/digital twins which will also be used for the safe control and evaluation of the system, as well as to familiarize users with the proposed solution. Although the architecture of PANOPTIS is such to allow its use in applications of various fields (medical applications, operator/collaborative robot interaction) the integrated system will be tested in the field of autonomous driving with cooperative use of vehicles with a degree of autonomy >=3, as this domain presents all the challenges that PANOPTIS expects to overcome such as a changing environment, a multitude of volatile factors, low tolerance for error

24 months
Project Types
National Research Projects
Funding Agency
Hellenic Foundation for Research and Innovation - Sub-action 2. Funding Projects in Leading-Edge Sectors – RRFQ: Basic Research Financing (Horizontal support for all Sciences)