DEMONSTARTE: DEMonstration Of Novel fuSelage sTructuRAl inTEgrity

The objective of DEMONSTARTE, aligned to the ‘Innovative light metallic and thermoplastic airframe section full scale testing’ (JTI-CS2-2020-CFP11-AIR-03-10) topic is the full-scale testing of three airframe section demonstrators, two metallic and a thermoplastic fuselage panel with an integrated stiffening structure, to demonstrate their structural integrity, supported by advanced simulation methodologies correlated with experimental data. A number of enabling technologies have been planned to be developed and matured within the duration of the project, which will result to the realisation of an efficient, reliable and cost-effective test bench suitable for the full-scale testing of curved aeronautical panels, including: the development of a virtual testing methodology for the definition of the stiffened panels boundary and loading conditions; the further development of an innovative, cost-efficient, easily adaptable fuselage panel full-scale test bench concept; the development and/or adaptation of a wide range of novel measurement techniques; the development and application of advanced simulation methodologies. The developed test bench will be used for the execution of static tests on advanced metallic and thermoplastic curved integrally stiffened full-scale panels, representative of a business jet fuselage structure and the execution of an endurance test on an integrally stiffened 4th generation Al-Li curved panel.

30 months
Project Types
European Research Projects
Funding Agency
European Commision, Clean Sky 2
Project Manager
Involved People
Prof. George Lampeas