TAILTEST: Development of a multipurpose test rig and validation of an innovative rotorcraft vertical tail

The main objectives of the current proposal, aligned to the respective topic description, are:

  • To perform structural tests and FE models validation to support the certification process of an innovative rotorcraft vertical tail.
  • To develop, apply and validate advanced numerical models for the simulation of debonding propagation in adhesively bonded or welded structural joints.

In order to achieve the above mentioned main objectives, a number of intermediate steps have been identified:

  • To design and manufacture an innovative multipurpose test rig to be used for testing a full-scale rotorcraft fin, as well as, parts of the fin structure like the spar-to-skin joints. The developed test rig will include a load application mechanism able to apply loads representative for rotorcraft tail structures. Moreover, the test rig will be designed in a way that a variable stiffness of the fuselage to fin joint can be achieved.
  • To perform structural tests on a rotorcraft vertical tail, up to ultimate load for at least the representative load cases, applying an adequate number of conventional measuring sensors like strain gages (SGs) and Linear Variable Differential Transformers (LVDTs)or more sophisticated contactless strain measurement systems (e.g. Digital Image Correlation - DIC).
42 months
Project Types
European Research Projects
Funding Agency
European Commission, Clean Sky 2
Project Manager
Involved People
Prof. George Lampeas