DYNACARGO: Dynamic Cargo Routing on-the-Go

Intelligent transportation systems are a key component for ecologically sustainable development. Fleet management systems are vehicle-centric, aim to multi-objective fleet optimization, and do not take into account the qualitative and quantitative characteristics of the cargo transported. The DynaCargo (Dynamic Cargo Routing on-the-Go) project aims at developing a cargo-centric transport management system.

DynaCargo will extend and expand an existing fleet management system so that it will be capable of fusing into the monitoring and decision support process information regarding cargo long ahead the moment at which a vehicle visits a collection point. There are four scenarios of fused-in information:

  • Cargo distribution where the demand is unknown beforehand.
  • Collection from sales points (shops) of sensitive products.
  • Collection from sales points of non-sensitive products.
  • One-way action (distribution or collection) from human-unattended points.

The Scientific and Technological objectives of the project are developing general purpose low cost field units based on RFid technology, developing a low cost vehicle unit that interfaces with RFid infrastructure, DTN innovation for communications between system components and, algorithms for multi-objective optimization of fleet operation incorporating cargo information.

This innovative approach, along with routing optimization algorithms, will allow dynamic and automated adaptation of the fleet routing and cargo delivery plan across the whole hauling cycle. Dynamic adaptation is achieved by implementing dedicated vehicle routing and cargo delivery algorithms which will indicate optimum routing schedules for each cargo hauling case.The main parts of DynaCargo are the central information system, the end point interface, the waste bin subsystem, the portal information system and the vehicle unit.

22 months
2013 - 2015
Project Types
National Research Projects
Funding Agency
European Regional Development Fund and National Resources under the National Action Range "COOPERATION 2011»