HERMES: Enhanced Fire Management System

Our project is developing a novel service, enhancing first responders’ abilities in crisis events involving wildfires in urban spaces by providing continuous access to an Extended Reality environment, accessible via AR/MR/VR, as a digital representation of the information available in the physical world. HERMES is an autonomous system offering real time accident and human detection capabilities, across distances of 100,000 m2 by leveraging UAV surveillance, 5G networks and Cloud-Edge infrastructures. The UAS gathers RGB and thermal data, distributes it to a novel ground node that creates RTMP files provided to a Cloud server which processes the captured data using SOT computer vision algorithms to detect fire, humans, or suspicious mechanisms and send warnings to first responders. This is promptly sent as an alert to the relevant authority, enabling a quick and appropriate response beyond the current SOP.

3 months
Project Types
European Research Projects
Funding Agency
H2020 smart4all cascade funding
Project Manager
Involved People
Mr. Charalambos Tzanetos , Mr. Konstantinos Arvanitis