ENVELOPE: Evaluation and validation of connected mobility in real open systems beyond 5GS

5G adv. and 6G aim to expand the set of supported verticals and provide enhanced capabilities beyond connectivity. 5G CAM vertical services are a broad range of services in and around vehicles, including both safety-related and other services enabled or supported by 5G. 5GS has been built as a modular architecture to support any vertical running on top in a vertical-agnostic manner. However, it is realized that certain verticals (like CAM) have specific and strict requirements. Although significant progress has been made in supporting verticals, the corresponding necessary configuration of the network and end-devices is a time-consuming manual process that requires tight coordination at technical and business levels across the verticals, the vendors, the network operator, and even the end-users. This hinders not only the greater adoption of 5GS but also the uptake of novel CAM UCs and the modernization of existing ones that require a tighter integration with the underlying network. The main objective of ENVELOPE is to advance and open up the reference 5G adv. architecture, and also to transform it into a vertical-oriented with the necessary interfaces tailored to the CAM UCs that i) expose network capabilities to verticals, ii) provide vertical-information to the network; iii) enable verticals to dynamically request and modify certain network aspects in an open, transparent and easy to use, semi-automated way. ENVELOPE aims to deliver 3 large-scale B5G trial sites in Italy, Netherlands and Greece for CAM services and beyond, implementing functionalities tailored to the CAM services and advanced exposure capabilities. Although focused on the CAM vertical, the resulting developments will be reusable by any vertical. The ENVELOPE architecture will serve as an envelope that can cover, accommodate and support any type of vertical services. The applicability of ENVELOPE capabilities will be demonstrated via the project CAM UCs and via at least 9 open call projects.
36 months
Funding Agency
Horizon Europe (HORIZON-JU-SNS-2023)
Involved People
Dr. Elias Dritsas, Dr. John Lakoumentas, Dr. Theodora Tsapikouni , Mr. Konstantinos Togias , Dr. Maria Trigka