GBMinAIRS: Graphene Based composite Materials in AIRframe Structures

GBMinAIRS is an innovative project that aims to take advantage from the electrical, thermal and impermeable properties of graphene based materials (GBMs), and exploits the benefits of using them in composite aeronautical structures. The project proposes the design, manufacturing and testing of a multilayer composite structure where each separate part will contain different types of GBMs. The selection of the dimensional characteristics of the nanofillers to be incorporated in the proposed structure should reflect the targeted composite properties. The composite expects to improve mechanical properties and provide solutions in other functional issues such as thermal de-icing, lightning strike protection, fire barrier and water absorption. The proposed solutions will be verified through fabrication and testing of dedicated small scale subcomponents. The project aims to bring several technologies closer to the market by increasing their technology readiness level (TRL) through integration and further validation by industry leaders. The development of graphene based composite materials and their integration in Airframe systems and components, will lead to better energy management, aerodynamic efficiency, weight reduction and power saving.
24 months
Project Types
National Research Projects
Funding Agency
European Commision, ESPA 2014-2020, Clean Sky 2