Mission and Purposes

The strategic objectives of ISI are:

  • consolidation of its leading position in research and the achievement of distinction in the technology fields of interest,
  • continuation of development and commercial exploitation of high added-value innovative products and services,
  • continuous affirmation of its position as a reliable partner of the Greek/European ICT Industry, and as an organization promoting technology policies at both local and national level.

As a research organization, ISI has on the one hand the institutional obligation to transform basic research to applied research adapted to the simultaneous needs of industry and society, and on the other to identify in time the appropriate market/industry application areas. This latter business obligation is of particular importance to ISI, as it is broadly considered as the only research organization in the Greek environment with clear focus towards industrial systems and services.

The basic and applied research and the development of applications with high added value that take place at ISI provide the necessary ICT solutions and systems, due to an effectively holistic approach towards the challenges confronted, thereby allowing for the composition of the excellence at ISI with that in complementary fields of expertise of the broad network of partner collaborators of the organization.

The strategic planning at ISI takes into consideration the broader scientific and technology framework formed for industrial systems in local, national and international environments. ISI is internationally recognized in the areas of its activities and continuously intensifies its effort to enhance its position and exploit its prospects at both the national and European levels, through selected development, competitiveness and entrepreneurship programmes focusing on industry, innovation and business development.

The primary mission of ISI is its involvement and significant contribution to fields of advanced technology related to integrated ICT industrial systems, with its ultimate goal being the potential increase in competitiveness of the Greek industry. This mission is accomplished by combining research efforts, service provision, and application and product development in the ICT areas of interest.
The ISI activities are based on the following principles:

  • Research and development of technology products and services in advanced ICT technology areas of interest to ISI, either independently or in collaboration with high-tech industry.
  • Support of Greek industry & enterprises in order to be equipped with advanced technology and potentially gain competitive advantages.
  • Development of prototypes and be able to validate and/or certify products and services.
  • Development of innovative technology with high added value, tailored to meet the needs of industry.
  • Support of high-tech companies in the design and development of products with high added value.
  • Cooperation with technological and industrial partners at the local and national level, to improve on the relationship of research and production, as well as to exploitation of research results.
  • Internationalisation activities, especially at the European level, through competitive programs and bilateral contracts with industry.
  • Performance of studies and implementation of funded research and technology programs in the areas of interest.
  • Development of research programs and preparation of market research for the commercial exploitation of research results.
  • Participation in large-scale development projects nationwide, in collaboration with public and private organizations.
  • Participation in national and international organizations with the goal to develop, promote, and prototype ICT technologies according to associated standards.
  • Participation in national and international non-profit organizations with the goal of empowering international cooperation in research and teaching of advanced science and technology.

To achieve these objectives, ISI has been active in all relevant directions and at multiple levels. In summary, in the 20 years of its history, ISI has achieved the following results:

  • Participate in/manage more than 100 research and development projects.
  • Leverage more than 11,000,000 euros through competitive procedures.
  • Colaborate with more than 80 partners from across Europe, the U.S., Israel and China.
  • Participate in boards such as the National Quality Council of the General Secretariat of Industry (GSI) and European organizations such as the technological platform ARTEMISIA and ERCIM.
  • Establish long-term strategic partnerships with prestigious organizations, such as Fraunhofer FOKUS and HEDNO S.A. (Hellenic Electricity Distribution Network Operator S.A.).