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8th Regional Growth Conference

8th Regional Growth Conference

The Industrial Systems Institute participates in the Regional Growth Conference 2020 on July 3, 2020 in the Thematic Session "Preparing Human Capital for the 4th Industrial Revolution".

During the session the official announcement of the ReBrain Western Greece Digital Innovation Hub takes place, being an initiative of the Region of Western Greece and ReBrain Greece and involving 25 stakeholders.

The Thematic Session is coordinated by Head of the Region of Western Greece Fokion Zaimis.

Short Interventions by

Maria Syrengela, General Secretary of Family Policy and Gender Equality

Michalis Stavrianoudakis, General Secretary of Interior, Ministry of Interior

Giorgos Kremlis, Principal Advisor to the Prime Minister of Greece for energy, climate, environment and circular economy


Konstantinos Agrapidas, Head of ReBrain Greece initiative

Dimitris Panopoulos, Coordinator of ReBrain Greece initiative

Dimitris Serpanos, Director of the Industrial Systems Institute

Pantelis Nikolaidis, Coordinator of ReBrain Greece Western Greece

Full Agenda of the Conference at