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Common declaration for electric vehicle factory in Western Greece

Common declaration for electric vehicle factory in Western Greece

In view of the announcement of Next.e.Go related to investing in Greece in the electric vehicle industry sector, four major stakeholders in Western Greece join forces to promote the area of Patras as a potential candidate. The Rector of the University of Patras Christos Bouras, the president of the Hellenic Federation of Enterprises of Peloponnese and Western Greece Kleomenis Barlos, the CEO of the Port of Patras Panagiotis Tsonis, and the Director of the Industrial Systems Institute Dimitris Serpanos, strongly support the candidature of Patras and invite other stakeholders of the city and the area to join this effort, that can act as a catalyst for growth for the entire Region of Western Greece.

Following the signing of a cooperation agreement between Next.e.Go and Enterprise Greece for an electric vehicle factory in Greece of a total investment of 100 million Euros, the four aforementioned stakeholders indicate the innovative character of the investment, and its anticipated impact with reference to growth and employment, as it is expected to create 1000 direct and 5000 indirect jobs. Such an investment could absorb highly specialized personnel, could promote green technologies and circularity, and could put the selected area in the European map as an investment destination of international interest and as a technological center.

Next.e.Go is in the process of identifying the Greek area that will receive its investment, which should ideally comprise a port, academic institutions and research centers. Patras possesses all of the above, i.e. a big and modern port, an important University and research institutions with relevant specialization such as the Industrial Systems Institute. It furthermore has an industrial zone that could be a good choice for the establishment of the investment. In this sense, Patras could be an ideal choice and to this end the four stakeholders call the establishment of a task force also including the Region of Western Greece and the Chamber of Achaia to efficiently promote the candidature of Patras for this investment.

As the director of the Industrial Systems Institute pinpointed, the Institute is the only stakeholder in Greece with the institutional role to promote industrial development. To this end it has expertise in different technology sectors including embedded systems, the Internet of Things, automation, Cyber Physical Systems, Complex Systems, Advanced Manufacturing Systems, Artificial Intelligence, Connected Autonomous Vehicles and the Internet of Vehicles, Interoperability, and Security of systems and processes. Its strong position with expertise and important research results, and its cooperation with the industry in the context of several projects and direct contracts, make it an important stakeholder that can facilitate the local effort with reference to the aforementioned investment.

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