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eForum for Rural Development 2022

eForum for Rural Development 2022

The industrial Systems Institute of the ATHENA Research Center participated in e-Forum for Rural Development 2022, a forum of regional scope organized by weekly Symboulos, the Region of Western Greece, the Municipality of Erymanthos and the Chamber of Achaia, with the session entitled “Innovation in Agrofood Sector – Agrofood 4.0”.

The event took place on April 5, 2022 under the coordination of Prof. Chrysostomos Stylios, Director of the Institute.

Dr Athanasios Kalogeras, Research Director of the Industrial Systems Institute, talked about Sustainability in the agricultural sector and the H2020 Sustainable project that the Institute participates in. He referred to the main challenges faced by the agrofood sector due to demographics, natural resources, climate change and food waste. Agrofood 4.0 can contribute to dealing with these challenges bringing to the field technologies applicable in the 4th Industrial Revolution. The Sustainable project aims at the integration of Industry 4.0 technologies in the agricultural sector with reference to different cultivations.

Ms Aigli Korfiati, Product Development and Support Manager and founding member of InSyBio, talked about Machine Learning in precision food and the H2020 Virtuous project that both the company and the Industrial Systems Institute participate in. Virtuous targets to the development of a virtuous tongue to predict the organoleptic profile of Mediterranean ingredients and their effect in human homeostasis by means of an integrated computational Multiphysics platform exploiting Machine Learning to this end. Molecular biomarkers and other markers can be used for the prediction of responses to food intake and can lead to personalized nutrition.

Dr Ioannis Gialelis, Special Technical and Educational Staff of the University of Patras and collaborating researcher of the Industrial Systems Institute, made a presentation on Smart services based on the Internet of Things for the support of agriculture and the project AgrIoT.  The project, funded under Region of Western Greece RIS3, focuses on precision agriculture and the application of the Internet of Things in agriculture. The project utilized smart devices to collect field data to the end of predicting plant diseases. The project was applied to viticulture as a use case.

Mr Christos Xouris, Gaia Robotics, discussed new perspectives for precision agriculture out of digitalization in the agrofood sector. He focused on specific use cases for precision agriculture optimal management of cultivations. The main focus of Gaia Robotics is on multispectral sensing of cultivations that can provide an indication of the plant health and can contribute to a relevant prognosis. Utilization of sensor equipped unmanned vehicles / drones to this end makes possible viable business model. Use cases are presented in different cultivations, e.g. industrial tomatoes, potatoes, vineyards or olive plantations.

Dr Aris Lalos, Principal Research of the Industrial Systems Institute, closed the event with a presentation on analysis, modelling and multispectral sensing for predictive management of verticillium wilt in olive groves. The MyOliveGroveCoach project focused on the prediction of verticillium wilt in olive groves involving both the Institute and Gaia Robotics. The project utilized multispectral sensor equipped unmanned vehicles along with Artificial Intelligence algorithms at the edge in order to predict the specific disease.  Prediction was based on specific markers related to the plant / tree health.