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Esmartcity Final Conference

Esmartcity Final Conference

The Industrial Systems Institute participates in the Final Conference of Esmartcity project on July 16, 2020. The project deals with the challenges of Smart Cities viewing pilot testing as a way to create the necessary public authority pull for Smart Cities market, remaining largely technology pushed. It involves 10 partners from 6 Mediterranean countries. The project pilot testing focuses on smart public lighting and smart energy efficient public buildings. Four public lighting networks in four countries and 47 public buildings in three countries are the item of pilot testing intervention of the project. The premises of the Industrial Systems Institute are part of the pilot testing intervention of the project with the installation of around 100 smart devices and the utilization of AI for energy load profile management.

The project has enrolled into 10 Capacity Building workshops targeting 98 SMEs, including the Industrial Systems Institute organized Datathon. It has also organized 8 Capacity Building workshops towards public stakeholders targeting to raising awareness and policy change with reference to local innovation ecosystem enhancement. A network of 438 stakeholders covering the Quadruple Helix community in the MED area has been established. Important project deliverables targeting policy stakeholders include the Green Paper on Innovation Policy Change and the Smart City Protocol.

The Final Conference provides insights into the project outcomes and achievements, comprises excellent key note speeches on the challenges of the Smart City paradigm, involves stakeholders at EC, MED programme, Green Growth community, regional and local authority level providing their views for Smarter Cities. Special focus has been placed on the role of Smarter Cities in the COVID-19 era for more resilient territories.

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