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IEEE Special Technical Committee on Smart and Circular Cities

IEEE Special Technical Committee on Smart and Circular Cities

The Industrial Systems Institute leads the effort of setting up the IEEE Special Technical Community (STC) entitled “Smart and Circular Cities” under the IEEE Computer Society. The STC presents an online network of professionals sharing common interests related to the theme of "Smart and Circular Cities".

The IEEE “Smart and Circular Cities” STC is an open international community of stakeholders, aiming to address technologies, systems, applications and services in this domain, enabling the Computer Society to become a leading authority in the field. It is open to both IEEE members and non-members and is available at no cost. The vision for the STC is to become a one-stop source of reliable information for quadruple helix stakeholders, including academia, government, industry and the general public.

The mission of the STC is to address the growing needs for technological innovation, information and knowledge dissemination related to the Smart and Circular Cities domain as expressed by the quadruple helix community. Addressing the needs of this domain in a holistic way will help determine solutions, technologies, tools and frameworks needed for human-centered well-being-enabling systems at city level.

The STC web site is accessible at

Quadruple helix stakeholders are encouraged to subscribe to the STC and stay tuned.