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Patras IQ 2021

Patras IQ 2021

The Industrial Systems Institute participates in Patras IQ 2021 taking place digitally on December 4-6, 2021. Patras IQ facilitates the collaboration of leading academic and research institutions with the business world. 

At the Institute digital booth you may find information about the projects:

- Esmartcity dealing with Smart City paradigms and especially energy efficient public buildings and public street lighting

- InnoXenia enabling data driven tourism destination benchmarking and decision making

- MyOliveGroveCoach utilizing Machine Learning for plant disease identification out of drone taken photos

- Enerman a landmark project for energy efficiency in the manufacturing sector

- Neanias offering Open Science Cloud Services for Emerging Athmosphere, Underwater and Space Challenges - a project of parent Athena Research Center

- FRESQO offering an innovative methodology for measurements of fish freshness - a project of parent Athena Research Center

The Industrial Systems Institute organizes a digital session on Sunday December 5, 2021 at 16:00 entitled "Industrial Systems Institute contribution to the evolution and applications of Industry 4.0". The event taking place at digital Auditorium 2 requires visitor registration. The session is opened and coordinated by the Institute director professor Chrysostomos Stylios. It comprises presentations related to the Digital Twins in manufacturing with a view on energy efficiency, Cybersecurity issues, and the Internet of Vehicles.