OASIS: Open science technologies Acceleration for a new generation of Student entrepreneurship, Innovation and Sustainable development

OASIS is a collaborative initiative between higher education institutions (HEIs), research centres, a pan-EU network of institutions, and enterprises. OASIS aims to develop and share support capabilities in the area of open science (OS) to drive the EU’s digital transformation and sustainable development. The project facilitates the adoption of OS technologies in education through practical applications, training, and mentoring activities for the management of real educational and labour-oriented problems with an aim to increase openness in intellectual property.


The OASIS project has the following main objectives:

  • develop and strengthen technology transfer processes;
  • enhance entrepreneurial education with OS technologies;
  • strengthen OS technology and knowledge transfer partnerships; empower the next generation of innovators;
  • improve the impact framework of OS technology transfer and entre/intra-preneurial education for sustainability;
  • strengthen the entrepreneurial and innovation capacity of HEIs towards a long-term innovation vision action plan (IVAP) implementation commitment.
  • transform students and create professionals able to tackle labour challenges and needs.
  • empower girls with the programme Girls Learning Open Science.
24 months
Funding Agency
EIT HEI Initiative - EU
Project Manager
Involved People
Mr. Christos Paparizos, Mr. Gerasimos Theodorou, Mr. Christos Mountzouris , Mr. Grigoris Protopsaltis , Mr. Ilias Konstantinopoulos