PISTIS: Promoting and Incentivising Federated, Trusted, and Fair Sharing and Trading of Interoperable Data Assets

PISTIS brings forward a reference federated data sharing/trading and monetisation platform for secure, trusted and controlled exchange and usage of proprietary data assets and data-driven intelligence. PISTIS will advance the available techniques and technologies, such as federated data discovery and sharing, DLTs, data non-fungible tokens (NFTs), AI-driven data quality assessment and monetisation, to build trust among stakeholders and assuage their concerns. Such stakeholders will formulate a distributed network of existing and new data spaces with built-in governance brought by PISTIS to eliminate silos while accruing the actual data value and multiplying it through derivative assets in a fair and transparent manner. Taking into consideration the data supply and demand perspectives, PISTIS will establish the methodological and technical foundations across different axes: -PISTIS Federated Data Management, Interoperability & Governance that aims at collecting, curating, securing and fully controlling the data made available through each organisation’s data space. -PISTIS Federated, Secure Data Sharing that concerns the effective management and on-chain storage of (multi-party) data contracts in an inherently human-understandable manner, as well as the secure peer-to-peer data transfer and usage monitoring mechanisms for appropriately retrieving, provisioning, self-serving on-demand and tracking the appropriate data ‘slices’ according to the relevant contract provisions. -PISTIS Data Valuation and Monetisation to systematically articulate and recommend an appropriate target value, indicatively taking into consideration the “cost” approach, the “income” approach, and the “market” approach. -PISTIS Data Sharing Skills Cultivation that provides the training material to educate stakeholders into how they can assess their data sharing maturity, proceed with data, deploy/operate the PISTIS technologies and implement an effective and sustainable data sharing strategy.

42 months
Project Types
European Research Projects
Funding Agency
European Commission, Horizon 2020