ADROIT6G: Distributed Artificial Intelligence-driven open and programmable architecture for 6G networks

As the world moves from the 5G towards the 6G era, the mobile communications fabric needs to be architected differently to emerging stringent requirements of innovative extreme future-looking applications that cannot be served by existing 5G mobilenetworks. Heading towards the next decade, when 6G is expected to be widely deployed, 5G application types will be redefined by morphing the classical service classes of URLLC, eMBB, and mMTC and introducing new services. ADROIT6G is an SNS JU project supporting the EC’s 6G policy by implementing the first phase of the 6G SNS roadmap towards the evolution of a 6G architecture. ADROIT6G proposes disruptive innovations in the architecture of emerging 6G mobile networks that will make fundamental changes to the way networks are designed, implemented, operated, and maintained. Such innovations include: (i) AI/ML-powered optimizations across the entire network, for high performance and automation; (ii) Transforming to a fully cloud-native network software, which can be implemented across a variety of edge-cloud platforms, including Non-Terrestrial Networks, with security built integrally into the network user plane; (iii) Software driven, zero-touch operations and ultimately automation of every aspect of the network and the services it delivers. ADROIT6G innovations, functionalities and performance will be validated through 3 representative extreme 6G use cases (i.e., holographic telepresence, Industrial IoT, collaborative robots/drones) in corresponding PoCs over five well-established 5G testbeds, which will be upgraded to support ADROIT6G innovations and architectural elements. Our 13-partner consortium is driven by industry heavyweights from EU telecom and ICT industries and renowned research organisations, with a vast expertise and experience in 5G and beyond technologies. Most of ADROIT6G’s consortium partners have participated in 44 previously funded 5G-PPP projects and in several 5G-PPP Working Groups

36 months
Project Types
European Research Projects
Funding Agency
European Commission, HORIZON-JU-SNS-2022