Prof. Dimitrios Serpanos

Scientific Council

The scientific council of ISI consists of the following members:

  • Prof. Stavros Koubias (Chair)
  • Dr. Nikolaos Zervos (Research Director)
  • Dr. Athanasios Kalogeras (Research Director)
  • Dr. Christos Koulamas (Research Director)
  • Dr. Gerassimos Rigatos (Research Director)

ISI activities are organised in five research departments, supported by administrative offices, located in Patras, Greece. A short description of the activities of each Department of the Institute is provided in the sections below.

Department of Intelligent Systems and Robotics

The department of Intelligent Systems and Robotics conducts research in key topics of industrial systems. These are: modelling and control of industrial robots, modelling and control of mobile robots and autonomous vehicles, modelling and control of mechatronic systems, modelling and control of electric power systems, embedded control systems, nonlinear filtering and multi-sensor fusion, fault detection/isolation, optimization and machine intelligence for industrial production.

Department of Real-time and Networked Embedded Systems

The department of Real-time and Networked Embedded Systems conducts basic and applied research in a variety of disciplines, covering horizontal technology dimensions (hardware and software architectures, wired/wireless networking technologies, interoperability, seamless connectivity, middleware & tools), as well as vertical, application domain specific dimensions (components and systems for industrial automation & maintenance, transportation, health & well-being application sectors).

Department of Manufacturing Systems, Processes and Enterprise Interoperability

The department of Manufacturing Systems, Processes and Enterprise Interoperability conducts basic, applied research and exploratory development relevant to agile, adaptive and smart manufacturing systems, enterprise modeling for interoperability, intra-enterprise integration and interoperability, inter-enterprise interoperability, integration of Future Internet and Internet of Every Things technologies, collaborative business and collaborative manufacturing, collaborative networked enterprises, virtual enterprise, digital and sensing enterprise.

Department of Enterprise Information Systems

The department of Enterprise Information Systems conducts basic & applied research primarily focusing on edge technologies for industrial operations/enterprise environments. Α secondary goal is the expansion of its research in the area of business administration for applications and solutions in production industry demanding management considerations, as for instance in the framework of the electric power market, and in general in the management of the market of commodities and energy resources used by the industry. At present the department’s focus is on the electric power market.

Department of Security and Protection of Systems, Networks and Infrastructures

The department of Security & Protection of Systems, Networks & Infrastructures performs basic and applied R&D in security, covering all application areas, ranging from telecommunications and computer systems up to security of critical infrastructures, transport, and spaces. Although the above diagram exhibits a rigid structure, in the course of the years, many inter-departmental activities have been developed giving rise to various collaborations among individual research groups.