Dr. Miranda Dandoulaki

  • mdand [at] isi.gr

Dr. Miranda Dandoulaki

Postdoctorate Collaborating Researchers
Civil Engineer, Dr Urban Planner

CV in Brief

Dr Miranda Dandoulaki holds a diploma in earthquake engineering (NTUA, 1981), an MSc in regional development (Pantion University, 1988) and a PhD in Urban and Regional Planning (NTUA, 2008), all relating with disaster management. 
She has long work experience in the public sector in the fields of disaster management and urban planning. She has been a scientific and research officer on sustainable development in the Greek National Centre for Public Administration and Local Government (2012-2020). She has been employed by the EC Joint Research Centre / Institute for the Protection and Security of the Citizen as a scientific officer working on critical infrastructure protection (2004-2008). In the years 1994-2002 she worked for Earthquake Planning and Protection Organization of Greece, she has served as Vice Director of the European Centre for the Prevention and Forecasting of Earthquakes and has been appointed as the National Permanent Correspondent to the EUR-OPA Major Hazards Agreement of the Council of Europe (1999-2002).

Dr. Dandoulaki has provided consultancy on disaster management to Greek municipalities and prefectures and has been the local consultant on emergency shelter to the CoE. She has taken part in several disaster reconnaissance teams in Greece and abroad and has been involved in USAR operations.

She teaches in post-graduate courses the topics of social and economic disaster impacts, emergency management and spatial aspects of disaster resilience. She has contributed to more than 30 research projects and has published in books and scientific journals.

Her current research interests lay primary in crisis management, resilience to risks and the spatial dimensions of disaster risk reduction.