PANOPTIS: Cloud Services Platform to Strengthen Traceability and Quality of Plant and Animal Production Products

PANOPTIS introduces a traceability platform which relies on a low-cost generic Internet of Things (IoT) node designed and built to efficiently cover the data aggregation and transmission needs featuring multiple application domains capabilities. The proposed IoT node architecture follows a modular design both at hardware level (physical constituent modules) as well as the behavioral level (operational conceptual modules). The capabilities of the IoT node leverage the traceability platform as a catalyst for innovation across the food industry. The platform provides e-identification applications since it allows the recording of critical traceability parameters or information on a finished product. Indicatively, end-users are able to access the unique product code, production date, actual time, storage and shipping conditions and location history for its entire lifetime. Moreover, the analysis of the collected data at the earlier stages of the chain can identify problems and help with decision-making regarding efficient product recalls, crisis management and cross-contamination prevention among supply chain partners.
36 months
Project Types
National Research Projects
Funding Agency
RIS3 of Western Greece Region - Information & Communication Technologies