CHIRON: Cyclic and person-centric Health management : Integrated appRoach for hOme, mobile and clinical eNvironments

The CHIRON Project intends to combine state-of-the art technologies and innovative solutions into an integrated framework designed for an effective and person-centric health management along the complete care cycle. In this vision, a. CHIRON will address and harmonize the needs and interests of all the three main beneficiaries of the healthcare process, i.e., the citizens using the services, the medical professionals and the whole community; b. CHIRON will position the citizens at the core of the whole healthcare cycle by considering them as persons with specificities and identities and will empower them to manage their own health; c. CHIRON will enlarge the boundaries of healthcare by fostering a seamless integration of clinical setting, at home setting and mobile setting in a concept of a continuum of care; d. CHIRON will speed up the move from treatment of acute episodes to prevention; e. CHIRON will provide the physicians with extensive support for treatment monitoring and management, timely decisions and appropriate actions in both the clinical and home environments; More specifically CHIRON intends: a. to design  according to this integrated approach a reference architecture for personal healthcare which will ensure the interoperability between heterogeneous devices and services, a reliable and secure patient data management and a seamless integration with the clinical workflow; b. to develop sophisticated solutions of complex data analysis, feature extraction and knowledge management; c. to introduce beyond state of the art solutions in various specific parts of the system; d. to provide new, advanced tools for real time processing, computer-aided analysis and accurate visualization of medical images; and e. to validate the result of the research and assess the proposed solutions in relation to their technical and clinical aspects and from a socio-economic perspective. The CHIRON system will provide powerful supporting ICT tools and at the same time it will ensure that the patients and the doctors remain the protagonists of the healthcare process that has been designed around them.

45 nobths
2010 - 2014
Project Types
European Research Projects
Funding Agency
Artemis Joint Undertaking EU