TRANSCPEARLYWARNING: Establishment of TRANSnational Civil Protection EARLY WARNING System to improve the resilience of Adrion territories to natural and man-made risk

The project addresses the challenges of enhancing level of uniformity, homogeneity and similarity of existing CP Early Warning, efficiently integrating them to predict risks, present alert levels and improve exchange of information with EU CP Mechanism.This approach is built on 3 pillars:Participatory process with the establishment of a networking structure as stable cooperation relationship between project partners, civil protection organizations and main stakeholders with long term perspective.It relates to its activation to change from traditional "vulnerable element" to "active sensor" of emergencies to obtain their contribution to Civil Protection emergency activities. Innovative Transnational network relates to the development of an innovative Warning System, a web platform able to integrate heterogeneous data. Establishment of a strategy as an integrated framework defined by all partners and drafting of an Action Plan providing a common vision enhancing level of uniformity and similarity to make available to National/Regional Authorities a transnational uniform emergency basis.The overall objective is to increase cooperation level among National CP institutions in addressing natural and man-made risks right from the early warning stage and better ensuring EU CP Mechanism intervention. It pursues the above target through an innovative and holistic networking approach with a lever effect also after the end of the project activities supporting the whole system of Civil Protection; keep open a real-time update channel on risk occurrences by collecting and using information provided; implement a Raising Awareness intervention of emergencies. Expected change to the current situation is promotion of homogenization among early warning legislation and processes, reinforcement of coordination and cooperation of ADRION CP chains of command, and convergence of IPA CP operation to EU CP standards by transfer of experiences and lessons learnt.

30 months
2020 - 2022
Project Types
European Research Projects
Funding Agency
EU: ADRION Interreg Programme