EXACT-6G: EXplainable Automation for Continuum 6G infrastructures

EXACT-6G is envisioned to foster an Industry revolution and digital transformation and will accelerate the building of smart societies leading to quality-of-life improvements, providing truly immersive AR/MR/VR experiences, and will help in the deployment of connected robots and autonomous systems, haptic communication and smart healthcare. However, it also comes with a unique set of challenges, due to the unprecedented capacity, spectral efficiency, and infrastructure flexibility requirements. To this end, EXACT-6G research project aims to propose, design and validate a novel and agile 6G system architecture and enabling technologies, combining RIS with a Compute Continuum infrastructure and Distributed, Intelligent orchestration that seamlessly integrates Cloud, Edge and Far Edge nodes under a self-synthesized and self-managed PaaS system. Moreover, EXACT-6G will build a training network to conduct topnotch research towards the development and experimental evaluation of a gamut of techniques, methodological frameworks and tools. Furthermore, EXACT-6G proposes new concepts, such as Pervasive Orchestration, and designs new Explainable AI models for scalable, autonomous control of the infrastructure, and allows microservices to “follow” users, being tracked by Joint Communication and Sensing mechanisms.
48 months
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European Research Projects
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Horizon Europe (HORIZON-MSCA-2022-DN-01
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