SELIDA: Printed Material Management System with RFID technology

Selida project aims to develop and promote an innovative and integrated system for printed material management, which will be based on RFID technology, efficient interconnection of backoffice systems, but also on the use of ONS based web services to disseminate information that characterizes any printed material.

While RFID technology has been studied in several fields and has been applied in variety of applications (retail, supply chain management, etc.), its use in printed material management and identification is limited, constantly creating the need for new innovative applications. Critical documents, legally and financially, rare and/or valuable books may be labeled with an RFID-tag, in order to obtain a digital identity so as its attributes (place, time, owner, etc.) could be identified anytime. In this way, resource management information systems (ERP, WMS, etc.), process management systems (WorkFlow, Document Management, etc.), or other (i.e. ILS) could recognize documents and thus be able to efficiently manage them.

One of the primary objectives of this project is that searching, identifying and management of printed material through computer-based systems will turn to be implemented as easy as search information through web applications is performed.

36 Months
2011 - 2014
Project Types
National Research Projects
Funding Agency
Framework "Cooperation 2009", of the Operational Programme "COMPETITIVENESS AND ENTREPRENEURSHIP", ACT I: "Collaborative projects of small and medium scale"